Arnaud Billon


Georgia Institute of Technology

Master's degree

2019 - 2020

Master’s Degree program at the college of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Artificial IntelligenceComputer Vision, Statistical Machine Learning, Autonomous Robotics
  • Distributed Systems Distributed Systems Theory, Cloud, Blockchain technology
  • Hardware Adv Processor architecture, Embedded systems software


Master's degree

2016 - 2019

Master’s Degree in Telecommunications & Networks (TR)
  • Multimedia Data ProcessingDigital Signal & Image processing, Computer Graphics
  • High-Performance ComputingParallel Computing, GPGPU Computing, BLAS basics
  • Software Engineering Networks, Security, Cross-platform programming

CPP Nancy

Preparatory Classes

2014 - 2016

Cycle Préparatoire Polytechnique de Nancy. Specialization in Computer Science.
  • Calculus, Algebra, Physics. Basics in Computer Science, Control and Electronics



R&D Engineer

2021 - Present

Computer Vision Team

Main maintainer for LidarView / VeloView open-source LiDAR data vizualization software based on ParaView.
Engineered Networking/Pcap related code and packet interpretation infrastructure. Significantly improved User/Developer Experience through build automation, packaging solutions and UI improvements. Optimized various computer vision / Data processing pipelines and set up interoperability with existing frameworks.


Graduate Internship

6 months - 2019

Designed a realtime Multi-object Tracking solution embedded on a video processing onboard-computer

Engineered and managed the development of a persistent person tracking & counting software solution for the FOCUS-AI-PCD, hardware intended for the monitoring of an aircraft cabin in a multi-camera setting. The system operates in realtime, handling crowd occlusions in noisy environments, using reduced harware-accelerated ressources. (C++, CUDA, ARM Mbed)

ONERA The French Aerospace Lab

Research Intern

2 months - 2018

Research on low-level computer vision algorithms for robotic applications

Development and integration of inertial-aided feature tracking solutions for embedded systems, benchmark and testing in simulated and field conditions.
The implementation involved the following tools: (C++, Python, CUDA , ROS Framework, OpenCV)

Georges Pompidou European Hospital

Engineer Intern

2 months - 2017

Designed automated tools to increase IT-Support team’s productivity

Implemented lightweight web browser extensions paired with webservices to monitor computer equipment and perform software maintenance remotely. The service collected logs and performed periodic scans to keep track of equipment's states (Web, QT C++, Python)


Engineer Intern

2 months - 2015

Improvement of a Property Management Software

Further expanded an hotel management system's semantic web API, in compliance with the OpenTravel Alliance standards. The task involed software development, web networking and XML schemas manipulation. (Web, C#)

Other Projects


4 months - 2017

Design and Development of an experimental 3D Graph Database editor in Unreal Engine 4 C++.

Academic project in partnership with a small company. High focus on transaction processing, data compatibility and user experience.

Net7 and 7Fault

2016 - 2019

Active member of Net7: Computer Science society and 7Fault: Game Design society

Engaged in multiple Hackathons, programming contests and talks.


Areas of Expertise:
  • High-performance Software Engineering, Parallel Computing
  • Scientific Visualization, Computer Graphics, Interactive GUIs
  • Cross-Platform programming, Multi-OS Management, DevOps
  • Computer vision, Digital Image Processing
Familliar Languages & Tools:
  • C++20, Python(CPython Interop), GPGPU
  • OpenGL/GLSL, VTK, QT, Blender
  • CMake, Clang, Emscripten, Git
  • Eigen, Ceres
Other Skills:
  • Languages: English: full professional and technical proficiency, French: native speaker, German: intermediate
  • TOEIC: 985/990 - GRE General Test: V154 - Q161 - A3.0

Other Interests