I am a French computer engineer, graduated a dual Master's degree from both:
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Software Engineer with a wide spectrum of skills and IT-knowledge, with a focus on 3D Graphics, Computer vision, GPGPU acceleration for embedded software.

I spend most of my free time on computer graphics and creative coding related things, you will find some of my interests below.

A more casual Biography

I developed a strong passion for computer science mainly through game engines related projects. For instance, I contributed to the early stages of the intricate Wiremod Project: an automation framework for Valve's source engine playground, Garry's mod. This early experience got me deep in modding, mostly in Lua (Factorio, Space Engineers, DST, TA Spring, FS19 ... ).

After passing the french high school diploma in science, I joined the CPP Nancy, a french Higher school preparatory classes which enabled me to enter the computer engineering school ENSEEIHT in Toulouse. There, I followed the Telecommunications and Networks engineering degree program with a specialization in Computer vision and Multimedia processing.

In the second year of my master's degree, I enrolled in Georgia Tech's double degree integrated program at the college of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE).

My curriculum also brought me into valuable internship experiences, from software maintenance in a hospital, web development for North African hotel systems, research in a computer vision lab and software engineering for a firm designing embedded systems for aeronautics.

My core competences in short :

I also have good basics in theoretical mathematics related to machine learning (linear algebra, optimization, dynamic programming), I am not afraid to delve into technical research papers.

Throughout my studies, I came across a wide variety of applied computer science fields and it's safe to say that having a broad knowledge in IT helped me at coming up with appropriate design solutions. Fiddled with stuff from Medical Imaging, Distributed systems, Blockchain Technology


Kick-started various projects, attended a load of events and conferences, including hackathons, game jams or creative coding meetups.
E-Sports enthusiast. Practice rock climbing and watersports.

Projects showcase

AR Pipeline in raw C++, Academic project
My Team and I developped from scratch a feature tracking and 3D Pose Estimation algorithm for use with OpenGL 3.3 (only calib3d from opencv was used for camera calibration). The app was able to render objects in realtime into a 3D scene from a video file or a camera stream.
Embedded Multi-object tracker, Graduate Intership
Designed a persistent person tracker, counter and event detector based on multiple live camera streams, handles a great number of targets within a crowdy aircraft cabin setting.